Please take a name if you desire to interact in the room. This does not include Anonymous or Visitor handles or any variant designed to provide anonymity. Otherwise you will be ignored or treated as an intruder Names beginning with an Upper case letter denote Freepersons, similarly, lowercase names denote inahans or slaves.

Those entering the Wechote as inahans (slaves) WILL be expected to act accordingly and behave in a manner that shows their status as slaves, and be obedient and respectful, to the Frees present at all times, or will be subject to punishment at the desire of any YK Free present.

Those entering as Frees WILL respect the rules, members, and customs of the Whecote at all times while acting in a honorable and proper fashion or be asked to leave. Those entering with the intent of disrupting the room, or resorting to such behavior WILL be asked to leave. Free Women will behave in an appropriate and respectful manner or face reprimand or other punishment. Inappropriate avs or suggestive behavior by visiting FW will be grounds for invitation to leave. FW will wear appropriate attire for their station. No revealing avs are allowed.

A slave must asked be collared, and collored only if begs one from the Civil Chief , SleenScar.

Visiting slaves are welcome to serve with their Owner's permission.

There will be NO PMing without permission. Wechote inahans will not be privately messaged, or interacted with privately in any way without the permission of the Chief or a member of His Council in His absence. Privately Owned inahans require their Owner's permission to interact privately with visitors to the Wechote. Frees will be asked in advance as a sign of respect.

Wechote inahans will not be punished by Any save the Chief or YK Council Members. However, they may be caged to await punishment by any YK Wechote member.

Only Gorean animals and Gorean people are welcome within this Wechote. Animals or beings from fantasy realms (Fairy folk, shape shifters, elves, monsters, horses, other earthly (or other non-Gorean animals etc.)will be asked to leave and respect the role-play of the Wechote.

Inahans and visiting slaves will be expected to follow the standard greeting protocol and ask permission before leaving. If no response is given to a request for permission to leave after posting the seeking of permission 3 times, then permission may be assumed to have been granted. If permission is denied a slave may not leave except in cases of family or other similar r/t emergency in which case posting of the nature of the emergency and leaving is acceptable.

Frees wishing to become members of the Tribe must visit a minimum of 3 separate days in a 7 day period and become familiar with our ways, demonstrating that They can contribute to the life and well-being of the Wechote. Review of our web pages and some knowledge of our customs is essential. Membership approval is granted by the Chief and is at His discretion.

Spars, other than training spars, require the prior approval of the Chief.

There are NO FW Warriors on the Barrens or in this Wechote. Those visiting who claim to be so will simply be treated as any FW or be asked to leave.

Assassins will NOT be allowed to operate withing the Tribal Territories of the Yellow Knives Tribe. No Assassin kills will be recognized or acknowledged, and furthermore, any Assassin attempting to ply Their trade within the Yellow Knives lands will be put to death without any honor or pretence of allowing any form of one on one combat. They will simply be put to death if found for any other reason than a peaceful visit to Our fires in the most respectful manner possible. 

These RULES written and posted 8/13/11 by Chief SleenScar.