10 commandments for kajira

These Commandments are the basis for slaves on Gor

The First and Primary duty of a kajira is exquisite beauty and absolute obedience.

Curiosity is unbecoming in a kajira.

A slave always kneels in the presence of a Free Person.

A slave never strikes a Free Person. This is punishable by death, torture or impalement.

ANYTHING with or without reason may be done to a slave.

A slave never touches money.

A slave has NO rights.

A slave may never PM a Free Person without permission for any reason.

A slave never says I, me, my, mine...... they must always speak in the third person.

A slave always stays busy.

If you ever have questions please feel free to whisper to any trainer any time..no permission EVER necessary..just remember they may take a moment to respond ...patience is a virtue *ws*

Yellow Knives Training Designations

First, let me say, there are no "silks" on the Barrens. The Red Savage inahan wears a short shirtdress, fringed with beads and laced up the front to reveal ample cleavage. This is, if she is allowed to wear anything at all *s*

We use the term "silks", as it is often used on Gor, as a way of showing the level of training an inahan has achieved, nothing more. It does not signify whether she is a virgin or a sign of status. "Silks" do not belong to the inahan as they own nothing and they may be taken away if shown the inahan has been displeasing in any way. Remember this!!

The YK inahan who is white "silk" wears no anklet, yellow wears a yellow anklet, red a red one... simple *s* By showing her dedication and willingness to help her fellow inahans learn of their home an inahan may also wear the teal anklet of a trainer. The anklets are worn on the right ankle and restricted slaves will have an additional red anklet over the other.

This tag refers to someone who is new to Gor, or has little knowledge of YK ways and may be a virgin. They are to study, and may ask to be away in the room to read the website or other files given to them, or to do any homework they have been assigned, so that they may learn while still observing. They are to do chores to get familiar with the layout of their new home, practice showing off their body and speaking as a red savage inahan. They are NOT here to be entertained by the Free of the camp.

if the ~wt~ is followed by * this indicates the girl is brand new to Gor and may need a bit more training to learn the basics of Palace and Gor.

1.  Greets promptly in the order on the Rules page

2. You may NOT lap or fur or be touched in any sexual way except in the case of a personal collar by your Owner.

3.  You may NOT serve (unless a trainer orders you to or your Owner does) and then only in tower with no heat or honey but may be sensual.

4.  You may NOT travel to other camps.

5.  Punishment shall be caging.

6.  You observe, and study. You may go brb in camp to study. Be sure you ask permission to brb and post it.

7.  You are to do chores. Ask a trainer for some ideas or look at the Chores page. You are to practice showing off your body, learning how to be graceful and pleasing and to learn to incorporate the YK language.

~yt~ "yellow training" This tag is one given to one that has knowledge of Gor, but little or no experience of YK ways. A slave that is ~yt~ is expected to continue to learn more of Gor but basically of the Yellow Knives.

1.  Greets and offer serves promptly.

2.  May serve in nadu with heat or honey.

3.  May lap but no furs yet.

4.  May converse freely and is expected to use some basic YK language.

5.  Is expected to do chores and continue to study but greeting and serves come first ALWAYS.

6.   NO travel unless with their Owner or with the Chief.

~r~ "red silk" You are now a full inahan, you have passed the tests in knowledge of Gor and basic knowledge of Yellow Knives.

1.  Does all a ~yt~ does and:

2.  May fur.

3.  Uses more YK language in her speech.

4.   ~r~ or ~rr~ slaves are allowed to travel IF they receive permission EITHER from their owner if privately owned.. or from the Chief. This permission shall not be given as blanket permission but must be sought before the visit.

5.  Is expected to be able to dance if asked.

6.  Is expected to help welcome the new inahans into the tribe.

 Other anklets of Recognition

Teal anklet this denotes an inahan has intimate knowledge of the rules and of Yellow Knives and shows and aptitude for training. 

Green anklet this denotes an inahan has completed extensive training in the arts of healing

~R~ "red fully trained Yellow Knives inahan" This tag means an inahan KNOWS what she is doing. A slave wearing this tag is fully trained in both the normal kajira pleasure silks standards of all of Gor but ALSO has learned what it is to be an inahan of the Yellow Knives. This level not only knows of all kajira things ie. serves, medical and refreshment, all food, drink, positions and dances of Gor... but of the culture of her Home, she is able to help visitors and sisters and brothers as well with explanations of the Yellow Knives as well as those other questions of kajira knowledge and Gorean things in general. Dedication, Knowledge, Obedience, Pleasant Appearance as well as Attitude and Attendance are ALL requirements which must not only be Achieved but also MAINTAINED to get and keep this level of silks.

1.   Does all a ~r~ does and:

2.  Travels freely on their own and may serve in non-banned camps as per general rules.

3.  Has prepared and performed at least three dances and can dance on command.

4.  Knows every food and drink of Gor and can prepare a feast on command but most importantly knows the YK food and drink and shows this in their posts and chores.

5.  Shows she knows camp appearance and structure of tipi lodges and YK attire for both Free and slave by her posts.

6.  Knows YK language phrases and uses them in her posts.

7.  Knows ALL positions and demonstrates them easily

8.  Has earned the green anklet for healing

9.  Shows up at least three times a week and more than 6 hours total a week, with two days not being the weekend

~RR~ or ~rr~ "red silk trained Yellow Knives inahan specially restricted" This distinction is rather simple really..... this is a slave that for one reason or another their Owner has decided to place any number of restrictions on the slave concerned... it is NOT a "Special Princess" tag, nor does it mean that a girl is exempt from the normal duties of an inahan concerning appearance, dedication, attendance, hard work (doing chores for example), obedience, knowledge, skills and so forth. It SIMPLY AND ONLY means that she does these things in certain ways and some things only with certain people.

1.  Restricted to serving as Owner wishes..what ever position desired.

2.  Heat and honey only if Owner permits.

3.  Lap and fur per Owners restrictions.

4.  Travel per Owners restrictions.

5.   Dances per Owners restrictions.

NOTE: The final decision on all training levels is by the Chief. Inahans are recommended by the trainer and First Girl of training but ALL training level final decisions are decided upon by the Chief of Yellow Knives. Remember that the anklets that are given today may be taken away at any point. NOTHING belongs to an inahan not even the anklets they wear. If at any point an inahan does not maintain the standards of the Yellow Knives for a training level that inahan may easily be brought back down to a previous level of any distinction or stripped of them altogether. Being a personally owned inahan will NOT exempt an inahan from losing their anklet if not maintaining the standards necessary to have them.

Personal inahans of newly entered Owners do not automatically get R or r designation but must be earned by any inahan of the YK --- no matter who owns them...and they are granted by agreement of the inahans Owner and the Chief...based on the performance of the inahan with or without the Owner being present.