Yellow Knives Testing

Test Items to go to yt

1.     Speech and Manners Basics

a.      A slave will demonstrate proper use of third person in referring to other never using I me or mine...but things like a wincincala (girl) will..could a choonweh (sister)...may this atsutsa (boy)...etc

b.     a slave will demonstrate proper use of Capitalization for Freepersons..and use of the correct titles ie Itancanka(Master), Kashna (Mistress) ie. ...He is very kind to this girl ..did sister see Kashna She wants Her drink now..etc

c.      Slaves never use Sir or Ma'am hello or hi..and if guessing sex..will always use Itancanka(Master). If wrong will beg forgiveness for your ignorance.

d.     A slave will demonstrate proper order of greeting as per rules pages and know rules for greeting Anonymous etc

e.      A slave will know rules for leaving and chores and raids and Masters 10 commandments

f.       Yellow Knives words - Will review and know the following

1.     Master

2.     Mistress

3.     Greetings

4.     slave

5.     Sister

6.     Brother

g.     Silks and collars of Yellow Knives and Gor

a.                  As per rules and silks pages of Yellow Knives know what slave heat and honey means

b.                 Know what the inahan..slave of the Yellow Knives wears for clothing

h.     Elementary Positions

.                   Nadu, tower, bara for punishment and submission for collaring

i.       Basic Food and Drink

.                    Paga, kalana, mead, ale, blackwine, water

a.                  Kailiauk, tabuk, vulo, tarsk, ramberries, blackbread, sa~tarna bread

b.                 Know what it is..what it looks like.. does it come in different kinds ...different temps...where its found and what stored in..and what kind of vessel to serve it in ..

j.       Steps of Food, Drink, Serve and demonstrations

 .                    *Offer a serve nadu to all Intancankas(Masters) tower to Kashnas(Mistresses) - from the serving furs if crowded.

a.                  *Acknowledge the serve... say Yes Intancanka/Kashna etc

b.                 *Find out kind and temperature - if needed (but if they have said bota that means bota..dont ask further questions about bowl or goblet). Find out now if Itancanka wishes slave heat and honey

c.                  Rise, take three small steps back (shows respect)...turn and go to the servery

d.                 *Select the correct vessel (goblet,bowl,mug, gourd, horn,tray,etc)

e.                  Check for any imperfections of the craftsmanship of the vessel by allowing the rim to run across various parts of a slave's body but no main arteries etc.

f.                   Wipe it clean (it is not dirty, you are insuring that it is perfect for the Free

g.                  *Fill it with the proper drink....or food..(drinks such as kalana or paga are kept in bottles or casks, both of which have corks or stoppers). If you need to use the kitchen knives ask permission, they are chained to the counter.

h.                  *Return to Itancanka/Kashna, kneeling at Their feet.......(Male kneel in nadu/Female kneel in tower)If nadu.. do this as sexily as possible, if tower do it sensuously

i.                    Press the drink/food first to the belly unless asked to serve with heat, then press the rim to your own heat..turning the vessel to coat it with your nectar

j.                    Then to heart....(shows devotion)

k.                  Then the slave may kiss the "side" of the vessel, not the rim. A slave should never place his/her lips where a free person will do so unless permission was granted before hand

l.                    If asked to test the drink or food do so and wait to see if its poisoned by counting 5 heartbeats. (This is ONLY done for visitors, members have nothing to fear in Their own home)

m.                Raise arms above your head extending the drink/food high in offering

n.                  *A spoken line is then said, "Itancanka may this drink be refreshing to Your taste and tongue and may this girl/boy have been refreshing to Your eyes."

o.                 *The Free will take the drink/food, the slave must wait until dismissed.

p.                 *The slave will thank the Free

q.                 *Rising, taking three respect steps back, returning to the serving area.

************ Please remember these are the basics...a slave must add all the proper touches to his/her serves..... Be pleasing to the eye

* means these steps must be done... the other steps are ways to fill out a serve.. to make it more a wt please use them all to learn.. once a yt or above you should have your own way of serving and may or may not use them.

r.      Homework Review

The trainer will determine which of the following homework you are to do. This list does not mean you must do each and every one, it is here to help the trainers and the new inahans to see what one must know.

Homework for wt

2.     Homework assignments are to be done on your own when camp is quiet and there are no trainer available..

A trainer will tell you which of the following to work on and turn in any time during does not need to be right away... experienced inahan should know these things by heart and new inahans will be able to use this as a future reference....

1.                 Write a brief paragraph on what a slave is

2.                 Write a brief paragraph on the lay out of the camp

3.                 Write a brief paragraph on what you believe you will find on the plains.

4.                 Do a search and find all the animals of Gor explaining each one briefly.

5.                 What plant life do you find on Gor, again a search or ask for sites

6.                 Explain the structure of the camp as far as authority IE who do you greet first then in what order do you greet after

7.                 Write a paragraph on how to do the positions tower and nadu

8.                 How should a girl serve a Kashna (Mistress) no matter what training level a girl is?

9.                 Write the Yellow Knives words for Master, Mistress, slave, boy, thank you, hello and welcome

10.            Write a small paragraph on the following describing what they are and how they should be served.

 .                    paga

a.                  black wine second and first

b.                 kalana

c.                  bosk with vegs and pick a bread

11.            Write a paragraph on the clothing attire of the yellow knives camp

12.            Write a paragraph on what you find in a servery

13.            Write a paragraph on what you find in the chillery

14.            Write a paragraph on what chores are

15.            Write a paragraph on the different castes in Yellow Knives

16.            Explain what animals you would find in the camp

17.            Write a paragraph on what you do when there is a raid.

Test Items for yt to go to r

18.            Entering Greeting Leaving Visiting - rules and will review manners and YK's preferences

19.            Serving - recite steps of a serve and review manners and YK's preferences

20.            Rules - Furring, Whispers, Boys, Silk designations

21.            Yellow Knives words - Will review and know the following

 .                    Warrior

a.                  Thank you

b.                 You are welcome

c.                  Meal

d.                 Drink

e.                  Kailiauk

22.            Learn the following YK phrases:

 .                    Ahkoh okpeh(insert your name here)neyeh? ......... May (insert your name here)serve you?

a.                  Ka dish day......................................... Farewell

b.                 Ya eh cuwi......................................... Welcome back

c.                  Ego ga han......................................... Until we meet again

23.            YK Names and Avatars - rules and review of YK's preferences

24.            Gor Culture - be able to answer what Gor is and basic culture questions about Gor and will review a bit about Yellow Knives Culture

25.            Honoring a Collar and Discipline - rules and review of YK's preferences

26.            Sisterhood and Chores - rules and will review manners and YK's preferences

27.           Medical Serves and demonstration - the steps of a medical. treatment from when a Master/Mistress first states an injury

28.            Servery and Homestone - review of servery outline and Homestone descriptions

29.            To perform a dance that she has written by herself.

30.            Homework review

The trainer will determine which of the following homework you are to do. This list does not mean you must do each and every one, it is here to help the trainers and the new inahans to see what one must know.


Homework for yt

1.            How do you do a medical serve? write a paragraph on doing such

2.            Write a brief paragraph on the following explaining what they are used for and how to do them in your own words

 .                    BARA

a.                  CRAWL

b.                 HAIR

c.                  HEEL

d.                 KARTA

e.                  SLAVE-LIPS

f.                   SULA

g.                  TABLE

3.            Write a brief paragraph of the following explaining what they are and how to serve them.

a.                  Pemmican - Wakapapi

b.                 Vulo

c.                  Chokecherries

d.                 Kalana fruit

e.                  Black bread

f.                   Sa-Tarna bread

g.                  Ale

h.                  Kalda

i.                    Sul~Paga

j.                    Ta Wine

k.                    Kailiauk

4.           What may you use for an av and what may you not use? What is the largest your av size may be? If you are founddueling what may happen to you?

5.            Write a brief paragraph on whispering?

6.            Who are the only ones to have second tab open? What may that tab be used for and what may it not be used for?

7.            Give the meaning for the following

a.                  Ashoge

b.                 Howa

c.                  Alsaidi

d.                 Adatasti

e .                 Hemaca

8.            Explain what you do as soon as you enter the camp. Explain the order you do it in.

9.            Explain when you never greet and why.

10.            Explain how you cut things in the servery to include what you use and how you go about using it.

11.            If there is more than ten people in the room how do you greet? How do you offer serves?

12.            When you are doing chores and a free person comes in explain what you do.

13.            If a free person is sparring what do you do when you walk in?

14.            If you are caged or if another is caged what is the proper way to greet or behave?

15.            If you have finished a serve but the Itancanka or Kashna has not released you what do you do?

16.            If you wish to leave explain the procedure.

17.            When are you not allowed to leave?

18.            Explain the order in which service is offered?

19.            When should you not offer serves?

20.            Explain the steps of a serve.

21.            How long should an average post be?

22.            Write a description of what the camp looks like

23.            Write a description of each slave attire with the differences in silk designations. ie how are the silk colors shown here?     

24.            Write a brief paragraph on massaging or bathing a Itancanka

25.            Write your first dance

26.            Explain the caste colors found in Gor what they mean and a bit about what makes each caste different.

27.            Write a paragraph on the plants you will find in Gor, esp the ones found in the Barrens.

28.            Explain each animal you will find in the water

29.            What insects are on Gor?

30.            What is a Panther girl?

31.            When you are being disciplined or punished what is the only thing a girl says unless asked for something else?

32.            What is an Itancanka, write a brief paragraph on what they are to you.

33.            What is a Kashna, write a brief paragraph on what Gor says they are and what you believe them to be to you.

34.            Explain the rules for Caged Inahans

~r~ level requirements

Necessary before considered for receiving ~R~ silks

1.            Homework and all tests for ~r~ level if not already completed

2.            Prepare 2 more dances for performance - will outline requirements and offer assistance

3.            Able to orient visitors..slave or Free to Gorean life - know basic culture of Gor and reviewed by observation

4.            Well versed in the culture of Yellow Knives and demonstrates that in actions and conversation - reviewed by observation

5.            Demonstrates dedication to YK's time spent..obedience...pleasant appearance...attitude..helpfullness with fellow slaves and duties of camp - reviewed by observation

Remember completing these tests of knowledge are necessary but NO GUARANTEE of gaining ~R~ that is a privilege and NOT a GIVEN....

If brought into tribe as a red silk...plan on a review of manners and rules same as any other slave..

Even if having been a first girl and trainer ...a girl will learn of her new home gratefully and without any attitude that she is too knowlegeable to learn more